Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will baby Beasley be a boy or a girl????

Hmmmmm..................that is the question we are wanting answered too!!! Soo we have just decided to figure it out on our own instead of waiting on the ultrasound :)

We took a gender prediciton kit and the results were very clear!! If it turns green or a dark color then you will be having a boy. If it turns orange or stays a light color then you will be having a girl. Ours said BOY!
It would be the color of the orange band if it was a girl.....looks like a boy to me!!

Ok now do not get your hopes up.....we took other tests :)

I took an online test that consisted of several questions and it said GIRL!!!!

The chinese gender prediction chart also says GIRL!!

I am 26 and we concieved in Feburary!

Chinese Birth Gender Chart
Month of Conception (Lunar)
Mother's Age 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10th11th12th

Momma Doonan also did a gender test on me!! She did a kinesiology test on me and asked my body a series of questions! My body told her Girl.....hmmmm!!! :)

I am sure that these goofy tests do not work...but they sure are fun!!!! We find out FOR SURE what we are having on July 14th!! Stay tuned..................What do you think we are having???

We will be so thankful for whatever God decides to bless us with!!!